I am so glad I went with my gut feeling and hired this company!
Honestly, I think Heaven sent them. Humberto, Anibal and Jorge arrived on time and smiling. I just stood back and watched as my storage unit was speedily emptied. Occasionally they would point out a flaw on my furniture (peeling wood) to let me know they were paying attention ad were not damaging my items. Very thoughtful. As for the moving into the 2nd floor apartment process; they were SUPERMEN! Honestly, I have no idea how they wrangled all my wood furniture and boxes up those steep stairs! They even went above the call of the job and assembled (AND FIXED) my bed so it was sturdy and stable and did the same and affixed the mirror to my 100 year old vanity very securely!
I cannot recommend these guys enough; they saved my sanity! Thank you SO MUCH!

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