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The Best Apps to Help You Organize Your Home Move

Moving to a new home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, but with the help of technology, organizing your move can be a breeze. There are several apps available that can assist you in every step of the moving process, from creating a moving checklist to finding reputable movers. Here are some of the best apps to help you organize your home move:

 1. MoveAdvisor: This app is a comprehensive moving planner that helps you create a personalized moving checklist. You can input details such as your moving date, current and new address, and the number of rooms in your home. MoveAdvisor will then generate a detailed checklist of tasks to complete before your move, including packing, utilities transfer, and hiring movers.

 2. Sortly: Sortly is an app that allows you to create visual inventories of your belongings. You can take photos of items, add descriptions, and categorize them by room or box. This makes it easy to keep track of your belongings during the packing and unpacking process. Sortly also allows you to create QR code labels for your boxes, so you can quickly scan and locate items in your new home.

 3. TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit is a platform that connects you with local taskers who can help with various moving-related tasks, such as packing, furniture assembly, and home organization. You can schedule taskers to help you with specific tasks or hire them for a set number of hours to assist with multiple tasks. TaskRabbit is a convenient option for those who need extra help during the moving process.

 4. Nextdoor: Nextdoor is a neighborhood social networking app that can be useful when you’re moving to a new area. You can connect with neighbors to ask for recommendations for local services, such as movers, handymen, or storage facilities. Nextdoor also allows you to stay updated on local events and news in your new neighborhood.

 5. Zillow: If you’re in the market for a new home, the Zillow app is a great resource for browsing real estate listings. You can search for homes based on location, price, and specific criteria, such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Zillow also provides information on property values, school ratings, and local amenities to help you make an informed decision on your new home.

 By using these apps to help you organize your home move, you can alleviate some of the stress and chaos that often comes with moving. From creating a moving checklist to finding local services, these apps can make your move more efficient and seamless. So, download these apps and start organizing your move today!


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